Friday, September 20, 2013

Lessons for students

Let me know if you are interested in instrument lessons for your child.  I have a list of private teachers that are accepting new students.  Lessons usually cost between $10-$15 per half hour lesson.   There is also the Suzuki strings group classes on Wednesdays evenings at SUU  for $70 a semester.  They have already started classes but are still looking for some more students.  If your child is serious about excelling with their instrument these are great options. You can find more information at

Friday, September 6, 2013

Our first week

  This week we did introductions and went over the class disclosure.  I need all the students to have an orchestra sign up sheet with a phone number and email if possible.  Also, your child should have brought home a green sheet home that explains a few things needed for orchestra and classroom etiquette.  Please, sign the back page and return that to me by Thurs. 12th.  If you don't have a green paper, email me and I will send you it as an attachment. 
  We also talked about how an orchestra sets up and came up with a class set up plan.  Then we talked about time signatures and how many beats each note gets.  We also counted/clapped out some different rhythms.  We will do a lot of counting and clapping and review rhythms every class time.
  Next Tues. 10th  we will learn note names for the 3 different clefs.
  Thurs. 12th students need to bring there instruments.  I will be putting finger tape on the fingerboard and tune the instruments.  Also, we will talk about instrument care and correct positions.  Please, contact me if you are having difficulty finding an instrument for your student or if they won't have one ready for Thurs.